2022 Conference Speakers

Monday February 28th, 2028:

Safetac Presents: Reasonable Alternatives

 Instructed By former  

Dallas Police Sergeant Keith Wenzel (retired)


Reasonable Alternatives examines videos police incidents from a tactical de-brief perspective to determine if there were alternative methods they could have used to have a safer outcome for all parties involved. Since the Supreme Court decision in Graham V Connor several decades ago, the standard has evolved from “justified” to “objectively reasonable.” Officers must be willing to examine their tactics and discuss ways to better serve the public. This seminar will address:

  • Line of duty deaths related tactical errors and poor training;

  • Officer involved shootings resulting in criminal indictment;

  • Human behavior and stress related performance:

  • Misconduct and the duty to intervene:

  • Legal and constitutional case law;

  • Police professionalism and citizen encounters.


This course is video intensive and is designed to engage the student in open discussion. A true law enforcement professional should be open minded to new ideas and changes in tactics to simply survive the police career and most importantly “stay out of the defendant’s chair” when at the beginning of a court hearing the words “will the defendant please rise” are spoken.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022:

-OWI/Legal Update: Tara Jenswold & Emily Thompson

Tara Jenswold has served as Wisconsin's Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor since 2003. In 2009, she joined the Wisconsin Department of Justice as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Litigation Unit. Prior to becoming an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Jenswold served as the Assistant Director/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor at the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Resource Center on Impaired Driving from 2001-2009. Prior to joining the Resource Center, Ms. Jenswold worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Walworth County; where she specialized in the prosecution of traffic offenses.

As Wisconsin’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, Ms. Jenswold provides training and technical assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement officers. She gives numerous presentations on the impaired driving laws and vehicular crimes on the state and national level. Ms. Jenswold also serves as coordinator of various seminars and trainings in Wisconsin. In addition to her training responsibilities, Ms. Jenswold acts as a special prosecutor, specializing in complex vehicular homicide cases. She has served as a contributing author of the Wisconsin Prosecutor’s Manual for OWI Cases and the Wisconsin State Patrol’s OWI Enforcement Manual and serves on various traffic safety related committees and task forces.

- Delta 8 THC - DRE Instructor/Regional Coordinator Nick Place


- Operation Lifesaver - Railroad Training and Safety

Are you fully prepared to safely investigate and fully document an incident involving a train and a motor vehicle or a pedestrian?  Incidents involving trains may seem a daunting task as they are unique due the potential significant impacts on your community.  About every three hours, a vehicle or a person is struck by a train in the United States.  The overwhelming majority of these incidents can be attributed to a violation of law and could be prevented if motorists and pedestrians obey simple traffic signs and signals. These incidents occur in urban and rural areas, alike.  In this course, you will learn:

The elements of a railroad related incident
How to prepare for a railroad incident before one occurs
Considerations during your response to an incident
Various facts and laws regarding railroads, motorists and pedestrians
Information that you can collect on scene
Critical safety information for working on or near railroad property

Our goal is to prepare you with beneficial information before an incident occurs so you can be confident in your response.  Please join us for this informative discussion on railroad safety and incident response.

- TRU Crash Reconstruction


Wednesday, March 2, 2022:

-Ret. Lieutenant Brian Murphy - Oak Creek Police Department - Sikh Temple Shooting

Lt. Murphy began his career in the law enforcement field beginning in 1980. Lt. Murphy served in the United States Marines from 1980-1985

Upon leaving the Marine Corp in 1985, Lt. Murphy served 5 years as a security officer at the United Nations.

In 1990 Lt. Murphy moved to Jefferson, WI and began at the Sheriff Department for one year before starting at the Oak Creek Police Department. Lt. Murphy served with the Oak Creek Police Department for over 22 years. Lt. Murphy was a member of the OCPD Emergency Response Unit from 1992- 2009. He was an entry team member, explosive breacher and ERU team leader.

Lt. Murphy holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Marian University.


In August 2012, Lt. Murphy was the first responding officer to the Sikh Temple massacre which left 6 dead and another 3 wounded. Lt. Murphy was shot 15 times during the gunfight with the suspect. Lt. Murphy has been recognized on both a state and national level for his actions.


Among many Awards and Commendations:

2013- Oak Creek Police Purple Heart

2013- Oak Creek Police Medal of Valor

2013- Wisconsin Association of SWAT Personnel- SWAT officer of the year

2014- Congressional Badge of Bravery

2015- Presidential Public Safety Medal of Valor

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