2021 Conference Speakers

Monday February 22th, 2021:

Officer Survival: Mindset 360

“I walked away motivated and inspired!  Thank you for what you do, helping Officers better themselves.  Our Officers and Communities are better with this type of training.” Officer Corey Rosen, Boardman (OR) Police Department

“I highly recommend this course.  This game me a new sense of awareness of exactly what complacency is.”  Richard, Sacramento (CA)

This innovative course takes the most common types of line of duty death/injuries and outlines strategic and proven methods to make those in attendance safer and empower them to mentor others.

Topics include the leading causes of death in law enforcement including roadway incidents, felonious assaults, heart attacks and emotional health.  The unique approach of this course discusses these well-known topics in a fashion that will get and maintain the attention of the audience.  The importance of sound leadership, “courageous conversations”, and turning back a dangerous culture within the law enforcement profession are just some of the issues discussed.

Additional topics include the effects of stress, pre-attack indicators, the “fight or flight” stage and vehicle stop tactics.

Taught by one of the recognized trainers in the industry, Major Travis Yates, we guarantee that Officer Survival:  Mindset 360 will change what you think about Officer Safety.

Utah DPS Sergeant Doug Larsen calls the class “one of the most important to the profession he has seen in two decades.”

“If you can only take one class, this is it.  It blends officer safety techniques from a wide variety of areas and will make you safer immediately!” John, Pendleton (OR)

“This should be mandatory for every police officer in America.” Gil, Redding (CA)


Tuesday, February 25th, 2020:

-OWI/Legal Update: Tara Jenswold & Emily Thompson

Tara Jenswold has served as Wisconsin's Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor since 2003. In 2009, she joined the Wisconsin Department of Justice as an Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Litigation Unit. Prior to becoming an Assistant Attorney General, Ms. Jenswold served as the Assistant Director/Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor at the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Resource Center on Impaired Driving from 2001-2009. Prior to joining the Resource Center, Ms. Jenswold worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Walworth County; where she specialized in the prosecution of traffic offenses.

As Wisconsin’s Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, Ms. Jenswold provides training and technical assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement officers. She gives numerous presentations on the impaired driving laws and vehicular crimes on the state and national level. Ms. Jenswold also serves as coordinator of various seminars and trainings in Wisconsin. In addition to her training responsibilities, Ms. Jenswold acts as a special prosecutor, specializing in complex vehicular homicide cases. She has served as a contributing author of the Wisconsin Prosecutor’s Manual for OWI Cases and the Wisconsin State Patrol’s OWI Enforcement Manual and serves on various traffic safety related committees and task forces.

- Wisco Bag Boy DTO: The evolution of THC Investigations


- Joe Keil: Operation Rush: Clothing/Apparel/Vehicle Searches

I'm a certified Drug Interdiction Instructor through the state of Wisconsin and a certified Drug Recognition Expert Instructor through the National Highway Traffic Administration and the International Association of Chiefs of Police. I worked night-shift patrol for 25-plus years and was K9 handler for the last 17 of those years, with the first K9 being a narcotics dog and the second K9 being patrol and narcotics. I have taught law enforcement officers throughout the country, including FBI, DEA, Border and Customs Agents, along with officers from other countries.

The classes I present focus on understanding how the smallest items when combined together can lead to developing reasonable suspicion. We utilize the most current drug indicators and also provide hands-on vehicle searches, along with recognizing drug use in the human body.

This training encompasses the three major learning styles of auditory, visual, and physical. Providing this type of training prepares officers for encounters on the streets, giving them both a tactical advantage and knowledge of the intricacies of the criminal world. Broadening your knowledge regarding the drug world and keeping current on case law will prepare an officer for court proceedings. This training will provide attendees with the tools necessary to ensure their efforts will make their communities a safer place to live. 



- Bruce Jacobs: Deceptive Behaviors and Statement Analysis

- TRU Crash Reconstruction


Wednesday, February 26th, 2020:

-Chris Halsor: WI Law Enforcement Guide to Marijuana OWI Investigations.

Chris Halsor is a Colorado attorney and founder of Understanding Legal Marijuana, LLC. and the Law Office of Chris Halsor. His practice is focused on providing training and consultation to states and local governments considering or dealing with the recent passage of legal marijuana initiatives, including regulatory oversight, legislative support and policy development.


Mr. Halsor spent eight years as a prosecutor in a large Denver area district attorney's office where he has experience with every variety of case from dog off-leash to first degree murder. More recently he spent six years employed with the Colorado District Attorneys' Council (CDAC) as Colorado's Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) where he provided training and advice for Colorado law enforcement and prosecutors concerning impaired driving. He is regarded as one of the country's foremost experts in the area of marijuana impaired driving.

During his tenure at CDAC, Mr. Halsor took the lead on all marijuana issues, monitoring and developing strategy on legislation, participating on two regulatory committees, and acting as a member of two post-legalization assessment groups.

While at CDAC he created the first training for Colorado law enforcement on the subject of legal marijuana: Amendment 64: What does it really mean for Law Enforcement. After leaving CDAC he contract with the Colorado Peace Officers Standards & Training Department to co-develop, with the Colorado Attorney General's Office, an updated training: Marijuana 101 - An Introduction to Legal Marijuana for Law Enforcement.

In September of 2015, Mr. Halsor debuted one of the most unique trainings surrounding marijuana and law enforcement: Marijuana DUI Investigations with GREEN LAB. This class trains law enforcement on the every changing world of marijuana, including the law, the wide range of products and types of marijuana, including edibles and concentrates and then examines the methodologies and techniques for detecting the marijuana impaired driver. The Green Lab features, volunteers (not the law enforcement students) who then dose on marijuana and then submit to roadside maneuvers and questions from law enforcement officers to better understand impairment.

In May of 2016, Mr. Halsor debuted his seminar, A Colorado Parent's Guide to Understanding Legal Marijuana, which is intended to provide parents with a clear understanding of what the laws are surrounding legal marijuana, a better understanding of the types of marijuana and delivery mechanisms, and the most recent data and scientific literature concerning teen use of marijuana.


Mr. Halsor is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.